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感觉有点怪 | Something Misplaced  | 2023




Most of the footage was shot in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The film is a non-linear presentation of what the artist saw and thought during his journey. The work explores the complexity of "Central Asia" and the confusion it brings. Weaving and connecting through random footage shot during travelling (landscapes & cityscapes, process of conversations, etc.)  with the books, images, music, and personal experiences that the artist has been collecting over the last few years, the film links the materials to each other while interrupting the narrative. Something Misplaced intends to capture a pervasive and challenging sense of misplacedness and weaves it through the traces of similarities and differences between “China” and "Central Asia”.


Something Misplaced , single channel, colour, sound, 37min, 2023

​影像截图 Video Still

此项目由上海外滩美术馆委任,在As you go...项目的帮助下完成。

Commissioned by Shanghai Rockbund Museum, supported by As you go...


截屏2023-10-07 13.23.38.png
截屏2023-10-07 13.23.38.png

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1. Project Complementary Material - The misplaced trip to the roots

2.Proroject Complementary Material - Comics

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