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布拉格广场 | Pražsky Náměstí | 2017

One day in Prague in October I went into a second-hand record shop to find some more meaningful souvenirs than the standard ones from the tourist industry around the Old Town Square. I got what I wanted in the record shop and ended up buying three CDs, "Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále OST" (the OST album for "I Served the King of England") and "Egon Bondy 's Happy Hearts Club Banned' (an album by the famous Czech band Cosmic Plastic Man) and 'Pražsky Náměstí' (a single CD called 'Prague Square'). The first two were planned purchases, and while rummaging through the discography, this "Pražsky Náměstí" stopped me in my tracks, with "I Served the King of England" telling the history of Czechoslovakia from the aftermath of World War I to the Communist Party's rise to power, and Cosmic Plastic Man indirectly contributing to the Czech Charter of July 7th The name and cover of Pražsky Náměstí suggest a connection with the 1989 revolution, and I thought, ”With this one, we have a modern Czech history“. Of course, there was another reason for choosing it ---- out of a wicked nostalgia for the popular song that was so popular that I wonder how many Chinese knew about the city and came to Prague because of it. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself: I didn't realize that the Czechs themselves had sung Prague Square.

It was only after I returned home that I finally got the chance to try out these three souvenirs. Actually, I mainly wanted to listen to this third disc, as the first two albums were already available on the internet.

The music starts with a guitar intro, which turns out to be a ballad, and then, the vocal of the male and female chorus is calm and solemn, as if slowly telling a story. However, the more I listened to it, the more I felt that something was wrong, and I even wondered if I had either a musical sense or a memory problem, but to my dismay, the melody of the single "Pražsky Náměstí" was strangely almost the same as that of "Prague Square"????! (Jolin Tsai, FT. Jay Chou)

If the music doesn't play properly, sometimes it takes a while to load the song, you could also click the link below to listen to the song.



Try this link if the stupid player fails💗


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