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A modest allegory, colour, sound, 14min, 2022

一个小小的寓言 | A Modest Allegory  | 2022






a.Amnesiavirus disease: a potentially severe, primarily brain illness caused by an Amnesiavirus. The pathology caused by the AV virus varies greatly depending on the area of the brain damaged and the degree of damage. The most typically associated areas are the middle temporal lobe as well as the cerebral vault. In terms of the specific principles of memory, there is no consensus among scientists as to whether memory loss is due to a lack of coding or accelerated forgetting.


b. In room 58158 of the hotel, the young man stands somewhat uneasily in front of the door of the room in which he must stay for a while. A few days later he complained to a friend about always hearing a crappy melody that sounded familiar but he couldn't remember what it was.The melody was disjointed and sounded absurd, causing him some distress.  It was not until later that it was recognised as a precursor to the onset of the illness.

​video stills

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