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‘The Best Decision’  2016


2016年6月23日,英国国内就其欧盟成员资格去留间题举行公投 在这次盛大的政治活动中,这样的投票结果里,也许掺杂着—个外国人的投票,—个中国公民的政治选择。 在这个项目中,艺术家在英国居住的期间,在脱欧公投前,全英国政治宣传造势、投票气氛浓厚的影响下,从未拥有过此种政治权利的他,决定寻求—次投票机会。艺术家从时时刻刻关心所在国的政治开始——看新闻,读报纸,读政治评论,欣赏政治恶搞,看BBC议会辩论直播频道,刷推特,在Facebook上发表看法与朋友谈论政治——从而对时政有了—定的了解和理解。随后,艺术家从身边去寻找有可能对投票弃权或对投票压根不感兴趣的本国公民,与 他们交谈,向他们展示了对贵国国内政治的了解,如有必要,甚至提出用金钱购买此投票权。所做的—切的目的是:促使某公民与艺术家合作。在某次选举中,转让他或她的投票权给艺术家。也就是说,赋予作为外国人的艺术家有了实际上的决定权,而投票时此人则利用他的国民身份(作为艺术家的 工具,或者说媒介),用行为代替艺术家完成了对其国内政治的干涉、使艺术家成为了—次政治狂欢的参与者、实践了选择的快感。然而,众所周知,投票行为的狭义属性是公民的而非私人的,很多时候我们甚至觉得他是超越於个人行为的。 项目试图通过这样的行为去实现个人的愿望,去模糊不同属性的个人权利,去呈现荒谬和暧昧,去对现实和个人的困境有所映照,在常下,甚至去质疑国民主体性或国家形式本身。


23rd, Jun 2016 The EU referendum took place in the United Kingdom (UK) and Gibraltar to gauge support for the country either remaining a member of or leaving, the European Union (EU). In this significant political event and its controversial result, there might be a Foreigner’s vote in it, a decision made by a Chinese voter. In this project, During the artist’s stay in the UK, just after the announcement of the EU referendum, being influenced by the intensive political atmosphere in the country. He decided to seek an opportunity of voting for himself who has never had the chance to hold or experience this kind of political rights. The artist starts by following and focusing on domestic politics——reading newspaper, watching the news, reading reviews, enjoying political satire, funny videos, watching live parliamentary debates on BBC, Twitter, sharing ideas on Facebook, discussing with friends——thus, has an extent of understanding and political engagement. Then, the artist snoops and looks for the citizen who is not interested in voting or even not planning to vote at all. Try to talk to them, show them his understanding of domestic politics, and exchange opinions, if necessary even buy their voting rights. The purpose of doing all this is to have a citizen cooperate with the artist, to transfer his/her voting rights to the artist in one polling. In other words, giving the artist the rights of truly making the decision, meanwhile, this citizen will act the vote and then finish the participation and intervene for the artist by using his/her citizenship/identity (as a tool or artist's media and material), which makes the artist a participant of this political carnival and then practice the pleasure of making the decision. However, as we all aware, voting is a civic act but an individual one and most of the time we see it more than the individual. This project is trying to blur different individuals' rights, present the sense of absurdity and ambiguity, and concern the condition and dilemma of individuals, nowadays, even to question the subjectivity and form of the nation.

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